Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge is a procedure used to address several issues in oral health care. A Crown is a single tooth covering for a tooth that is not structurally sound. A Bridge spans a space between missing teeth. A dental bridge is created from many different materials. There are all metal bridges; porcelain fused to metal or all-porcelain bridges. We consider the bridge’s location in the mouth when choosing a suitable material for the bridge. For example, if the missing tooth is in the back of the mouth, a stronger material is necessary for chewing. A bridge in front of the mouth focuses on aesthetics. Patients may prefer a bridge that is more visually pleasing. As with all dental procedures in our practice, the choice of what type of Crown and Bridge is patient-led, meaning the patient decides what is best for them.

Crown and Bridge is a dental procedures for missing teeth or is used after a root canal has been done. Foundations of Heath Dental Care in St. Joseph practice restorative dentistry including Crown and Bridge.

Diagram of a root canal and crown placement.

I have a missing tooth, but it doesn’t bother me. 

Your teeth are always trying to move. When you have a missing tooth, the teeth around it may move to fill the space. A tooth may also move up or down and affect the teeth around it. It will begin to affect how your teeth fit together to form a solid bite. The younger you are, the more your teeth move. The changes are subtle and happen over time. Concerns your teeth have moved due to a missing tooth could affect your overall dental health. Please call our office to discuss this with one of our doctors. This may be where Crown and Bridge would be the most helpful.

Why you might choose Crown and Bridge

A missing tooth can cause:

  • Weakened bone structure
  • Cracking of other teeth
  • Breaking teeth
  • Misalignment of teeth
  • It can lead to headaches, migraines, and TMJ problems
  • A bridge can help prevent these problems

A Crown is a restoration like a thimble and fits over the tooth on all sides. It strengthens the tooth and makes it look better. We make Crowns from varying materials such as gold or porcelain or a combination of the two. A crown can also be used if a tooth is decayed, broken, have a root canal, or correct its shape for function or aesthetics.

The choice for any dental treatment completed in our office is patient-driven. A complete diagnosis is necessary as each patient is unique. At Foundations of Health Dental Care, our role is to discuss your options, provide you with the essential information, and help you decide if a Crown and Bridge are best for your oral health situation and desires. Contact or call us today at (816) 233-0142.