Dental Care Services

In our office, we believe that the patient directs the treatment and dental care services we provide. As one of your healthcare providers, our role is to listen to you, help you discover your dental health goals, and then be here to help you with your wants and needs.

Your Dental Care of St. Joseph is delivered by a trained, experienced, and educated team

Our training, experience, and education place us in a unique role to be of service to our patients whose dental health goals should require the following Dental Care Services:

Dental care in St. Joseph provides dental services including: Gold Inlays Composite Restorations Cosmetic Dentistry Crown and Bridge Implants Dentures Veneers Bleaching or Tooth Whitening in our dental office, Foundations of Health Dental Care in St. Joseph.

Choosing a dentist is important in maintaining or improving your overall health. Choosing the right dentist for you or your family is more important than you think. The Foundations for Health Dental Care team is committed to your positive experience in our office and exceptional care of your oral health. We never take the fact that you are in our office lightly. Each team member you will interact with is dedicated to dentistry and ensuring you have excellent dental care of St. Joseph! Dr. Susan Charles and Dr. Harrison Smith look forward to helping you with your oral health goals!

We encourage you to call us to ask questions at (816) 233-0142 or ask them in person. Let us know how we can serve you at each appointment. In our dental office, we take the time we need to ensure you are comfortable with the care and the direction of your oral health care.