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How to floss the right way, Foundations of Health Dental Care, Dentist St. Joseph (816) 233-0142.
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Discover the Best Family Dentist in St. Joseph, MO and A Smile You’ll Love!

Living in St. Joseph, MO, means enjoying a vibrant community,…
Thanks to the ADA we mark February as National Children's Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Get ready to brush up on your knowledge, parents, because February…
Make sure you have a mouth guard in place if you are playing a contact sport in St. Joseph, MO or anywhere!

Athletic Mouthguards are a Must

As school sports start for the year, most sports and players…
Flossing could be the missing link to your oral health routine. Here's how to do it right. Call Foundations of Health Dental Care, Dentist St. Joseph, MO 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506

6 Tips for Flossing the Right Way

Is flossing the missing link in your oral hygiene routine? Dental…
Mouthwash is used for many reasons. Find out what the 2 best reasons to use mouthwash are from Foundations of Health Dental Care, Dentist St. Joseph, MO, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506

Top 2 Reasons to Use Mouthwash

Ahh! Who doesn’t love having minty fresh, clean breath when…
woman jumping at the beach, ocean in the background

Your Oral Health Matters More Than You Know

Your teeth are important. We all know that. Who doesn’t want…
You can overcome dental anxiety with these strategies. And see the dentists in St. Joseph, MO

How to reduce and overcome dental anxiety

There are a few strategies you can employ to reduce any feelings…
Tooth care isn't just what you do FOR your teeth, but want you also need to avoid. Kick these habits today!

What’s harming Your Teeth?

When thinking about care for your teeth and oral health in general,…
Some things we do without much thought can harm our teeth. Call your dentist in St. Joseph, MO to find out more.

Bad Habits that can harm your teeth

Your smile is important, and your teeth are a big part of your…