Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a comprehensive term used to describe all types of filling and restoration materials and procedures. Restorative Dentistry uses composite materials, gold, and amalgam to replace, repair or maintain the oral health of patients. Restorative Dentistry “restores” teeth to better physical shape, esthetics, and function.

The dentists in our St. Joseph practice will give their patients choices regarding materials and procedures to restore teeth based on the location in the mouth and the suitability of the restorative material choice.. One of the great benefits of restorative dentistry is it gives the dentist the ability to recreate something artistically, using these materials, and restore it as closely as possible to its natural shape and function. The way it naturally was.Restorative Dentistry using gold and composit to restore a fractured tooth in St. Joseph.

Why are we the Restorative experts in St. Joseph?

All dental work in our practice starts with a complete diagnosis and interview with our patients about their needs, wants and problems they may be having physically. Therapies such as a night guard or splint may be recommended. As a patient, if you are experiencing sensitivity, joint problems, problems chewing, problems opening your mouth, if you notice your teeth are wearing down or chipping, you may be in need of restorative dentistry. The problems you may be experiencing may require comprehensive restorative dentistry. Know that there are solutions we can apply that can stop more damage from occurring. We can also make you comfortable with a splint and minimize the wear on your teeth.

Restorative dental procedures use a variety of materials coupled with techniques and procedures that will restore your tooth or teeth to as close to their natural God-given function and appearance. Restorative Dentistry is an art, and we are proud to offer our skills and services to those who value keeping their teeth and moving toward health in their lives.

Call our office today (816) 233-0142 and let us know if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: breaking your teeth, breaking your crowns, headaches, dizziness, and tiredness. These symptoms may be a result of your teeth not fitting together properly.