One of the fundamental goals of our practice is to prevent dental disease. We want our patients to be in control of their dental health. Our goal is for our patients to be healthier. We share valuable health-oriented information with our patients because we know that information is power. We give you the ability to change your oral health if you choose to.

Keep your natural teeth with prevention.

Your natural God-given teeth are the best. And we will do our absolute best to either help you keep your natural teeth or prevent any more dental disease from occurring.

If you spend 10 minutes every day taking care of your teeth, there is an excellent chance that you will have very few dental problems in your lifetime. We are always looking for ways to motivate our patients to good dental health by explaining, educating, and informing them so our patients know what they can do to prevent dental disease.

“A 21-year-old patient came into the office with 11 lesions in his mouth. He admittedly said he drinks soda all day long. After showing him the cause and effect of his behaviors, he may have felt bad, but now he sees the correlation between drinking pop and the health of his teeth.”

“Our patients are like we are. We all make decisions, eat things, and do things or don’t do things that may not be good for our health. It becomes more than that at some point; it may become systemically threatening or cause tooth damage or loss. One of the most gratifying parts of our day is when we see a patient who has decided to commit to their dental health by doing what they need to do to take care of their health.”

A focus on Prevention in our Dental Office

The day-to-day care determines the success of any dentistry that our patients give themselves. We can help our patients, but they also need to help themselves by taking care of their oral hygiene. We know that a focus on prevention and preventive care works. Dentistry can fail if it is not appropriately maintained.

Our relationship with a patient is a partnership. You have to regularly schedule an appointment with our office because your long-term dental health is determined by your consistent oral hygiene and diet control. During your appointment, we will accomplish the following health-oriented actions:

Review health history-

  • Oral cancer exam
  • X-rays (when necessary)
  • Complete diagnosis of all pathology
  • Options for treatment

We approach this as a partnership. Our hygienists will do a thorough exam by:

  • Cleaning your teeth
  • Scaling when necessary
  • Removing tartar
  • Check for new decay
  • Check your restorations
  • Review dietary concerns
  • Review oral hygiene habits

Prevention is doing the actions necessary to eliminate the threat of disease. Our practice focuses on patient education and information. We feel this is the best way to partner with you towards building a healthier life. To find out more about preventing dental disease, call us at (816) 233-0142.

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