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I’m sorry, this is long overdue; However I wanted to be sure and tell you about my experience with Dr.Asano.

I came in at the end of May to get my teeth cleaned and had a filling that had a cavity underneath it. I am very apprehensive about cavities and Marla booked me with Dr. Asano for less than a week later. My first impression of her was that she was nice and that impression was wrong.  She is VERY nice and AWESOME.

A very long story made short:  After numbing my gums (needles make me pass out) and pulling off the old filling, and taking x-rays she said the tooth needed pulled.  I was leaving in 3 days for vacation and she said it needs to be pulled before then.  I asked her if she could pull it right then (as I was already shaking from the needles).  She looked at the X-rays again and said yes she could pull it (wouldn’t need an oral surgeon) and she went and talked to the other Doctors as she had other patients to see.  (I really think that was awful nice of her as she had to shuffle things around)

She was fantastic!  Was very sympathetic to my phobia of needles, was very gentle, explained things, and even put my lip balm on my lips as I was very nervous and my hands were shaking! Not only all of that, but she really numbed me well!  I was NEVER in pain (only took 3 of the pain pills).

I called the office with a question the day after, and she came to the phone to answer my questions and talk tome; which I was very impressed with!  (Again…..VERY nice!)

To sum it up…..I would highly recommend her to anyone…..especially people that have a “fear of Dentists”  She is certainly an asset to your team and I wanted to let you know my experience with her.


Jennifer H.

P.S.  I’m sorry I can’t remember the lady’s name, but her assistant was very kind also.