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You can overcome dental anxiety with these strategies. And see the dentists in St. Joseph, MO

How to reduce and overcome dental anxiety

There are a few strategies you can employ to reduce any feelings of anxiety you may have about going to see a dentist.

Talk to your dentist. Before and during your appointment, discuss any concerns or worries you may have. Your dentist can provide reassurance, answer questions and explain procedures in detail.

Practice relaxation techniques. Practice deep breathing exercises before and during the visit to help reduce anxiety levels. Consider listening to calming music as well.You can overcome dental anxiety with these strategies.

Distract yourself. Bring a book, magazine, or movie to watch while receiving treatment if it helps distract you from the procedure.

If the procedure warrants it, ask for a numbing agent. If possible, request a topical anesthetic (numbing gel) before any procedure that requires drilling or other work on teeth or gums.

Should you let your dentist know you are anxious about the appointment?

It is important to let your dentist know if you are anxious about an appointment. Your dentist can provide reassurance, answer questions and explain procedures in detail to help reduce anxiety levels.

Dental anxiety can be related to past experiences. If you have had a negative experience, it is essential to communicate this with your dentist so that they can take extra care and precautions during future appointments.

Can you overcome dental anxiety?

Yes, you can. One strategy is to educate yourself about procedures you are likely to have. Make a vigilant attempt to learn more about dental procedures and treatments, so you know what to expect during your dental appointment. Have an open conversation with your dentist about any worries or concerns before and during the appointment. Your dental care professionals care about your emotional and physical comfort with all procedures and interactions in their office.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a dentist because of your apprehension, contact Foundations of Health Dental Care and let our team know about your situation. Dental health is essential to your overall health, and they want to ensure you will feel as comfortable as you can be when you come for an appointment.