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September 23, 2016
Oral care routines are easy to maintain with Curry and Taylor DDS, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506.

How to Put an Oral Care Routine in Place

With schools back in session, families are quickly falling into a routine. Bedtimes are getting earlier and weeks feel shorter. Many households plan annual physical and eye exams that are required by schools. Taking care of your oral health should be part of this routine. Sadly, more than 50% of children ages 5 to 9 have at least one cavity or filling and tooth decay is the number one chronic illness in America for children. There are many things you can do to help your entire family avoid this fate. […]
August 12, 2016
Dental health begins with a dentist in Saint Joseph, MO who cares about your total health not just your dental health. Call a dentist in St. Joseph for quality healthcare. Dentist, Dr Curry, Dr Taylor and Dr. Charles.

Not your Average Dentists in St. Joseph, MO

St. Joseph, Missouri is home to the Pony Express Museum, The Jesses James Home Museum and a very special dental office. In this office, you will find two dentists doing things differently than most other dental offices do things. The difference is less about “doing” and more about “being.”  Dr. Tim Curry and Dr. Tim Taylor both love St. Joseph, MO. They point to the relaxed lifestyle and the people who live in St. Joseph,  as two of the most appealing attributes about the city for them. They find their […]
July 25, 2016
Proper nutrition is so important to Oral Health. Curry and Taylor DDS, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506 (816) 233-0142

The Truth about Nutrition and Oral Health

You hear it all the time, “you are what you eat.” Does that bring to mind a giant broccoli stalk lumbering around or maybe a bloated round donut waddling through his day? Your diet varies day by day but making an effort towards proper nutrition benefits not only your overall health but also your oral health. When we choose a food or beverage to consume your teeth, gums and tongue are the initial point of contact and can be impacted in many ways. What’s going on inside your mouth? Doctors […]
June 30, 2016
Flossing could be the missing link to your oral health routine. Here's how to do it right. Call Curry and Taylor DDS, located at 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506 @ 816-233-0142 for an appointment today.

6 Tips for Flossing the Right Way

Is flossing the missing link in your oral hygiene routine? Dental professionals across the board highly recommend their patients floss at least once a day, preferably before bedtime. Brushing alone leaves 35% of the surfaces of your teeth uncleaned. Flossing will keep those hard to reach areas clean. Plaque, bacteria, and food particles can get stuck in areas your toothbrush cannot reach. Add flossing to your daily dental cleaning routine and you tackle an important factor to improving your overall oral health. Are you flossing the right way? It may seem […]
May 23, 2016

3 ways to care for your Oral Health during pregnancy

Are you expecting? The wonderful world of pregnancy and parenthood brings a lot of changes to mom, dad and life in general. Let’s face it, everything in your life is about to change. For mom-to-be, not only is your life changing but so is your body. While dealing with possible morning sickness, food aversions, and a growing belly, hormonal changes can affect your oral health. There is a lot to do to prepare for this little one’s arrival, and often dental care takes a back seat. Currently, new and continued […]
April 20, 2016
Mouthwash is used for many reasons. Find out what the 2 best reasons to use mouthwash are from Curry and Taylor DDS, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506

Top 2 Reasons to Use Mouthwash

Ahh! Who doesn’t love having minty fresh, clean breath when you leave the dentist office? Many of us want to duplicate the feeling every day. Can incorporating mouthwash in your daily routine help with that? Here are a few thoughts on what mouthwash is designed to do and how you should use it. When looking at rinse products on the market, they seem to either fall in the Cosmetic or Therapeutic category. Cosmetic mouthwash is used mostly for bad breath. Masking your bad breath can make you feel confident today, […]
March 25, 2016
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Your Oral Health Matters More Than You Know

Your teeth are important. We all know that. Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? We may be motivated to keep our smiles looking attractive, but our dental health is important in so many other ways. Let’s start with a few facts. Did you know that your teeth are the hardest substance in the human body? With regular brushing, you will spend about 38 ½ days of your life brushing your teeth. The average going rate the tooth fairy pays for a tooth these days is $2. Now that you know […]