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February 22, 2018
Let's focus on kids during February for National Children's Dental Health Month.

National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is often an unremarkable month. It’s still winter, but many are craving the warmth and sunshine of spring. It can be dreary, rainy and downright gloomy. The good news is that February marks the American Dental Association’s (ADA) annual National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s a topic that many schools and dental practices focus on in February to help create a foundation of health in oral routines that can last a lifetime. The 2018 campaign is “brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and clean between your teeth for a […]
December 22, 2017
Regular visits to your dentist is a great way to screen for oral cancer, Foundations of Health Dental Care, St. Joseph, MO

Oral Cancer – Early Detection and Your Dentist

In 2017 it is estimated that just under 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer and cancer of the throat, tonsils, and back of the tongue. That’s an alarming statistic. According to the American Cancer Society, men are twice as likely to get oral cancer. This is believed to be attributed to higher rates of alcohol and tobacco use by men. The majority of diagnosed oral cancer cases are in the people over 55. Knowing this data is important, but the bottom line is that everyone is susceptible. The […]
September 20, 2017
Tooth loss should not be taken lightly. Let the dentists at Curry and Taylor DDS, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506 help.

Tooth Loss – What you need to know

Tooth loss is a significant oral health issue that many don’t fully understand. With 178 million people in the United States missing at least one tooth, many are impacted. Understanding the repercussions of tooth loss is important when deciding what to do about it. A missing tooth or teeth can impact your life physically, personally, socially and professionally. Bone and Tooth Loss go Hand in Hand A significant physical concern of missing teeth is bone loss. Often referred to as bone resorption, it occurs when tooth roots are no longer […]
July 31, 2017
Taking care of your diabetes is important for overall and oral health.

How Diabetes Affects Oral Health

Over 29 million people in the world struggle with diabetes. Being a chronic disease, the word struggle is a very accurate description. Those learning to live with diabetes are in a constant battle to maintain proper blood sugar levels. It’s a delicate balance that can be very difficult to predict and control. Over time, high blood sugar levels can lead to nerve damage, causing diabetics pain in their extremities. In rare instances, this can lead to loss of limbs. Additionally, complications such as cardiovascular disease, kidney or eye damage, skin […]
May 23, 2017
Tooth care isn't just what you do FOR your teeth, but want you also need to avoid. Kick these habits today!

Tooth Care: What could be harming your teeth?

When thinking about tooth care and oral health we’ve heard it all before. From a young age, we are taught to brush and floss our teeth and to visit the dentist. These are the key factors to keeping our oral health in check. There are however many more things we can do to ensure overall oral health. Eating right and keeping an eye out for changes in our mouths are important too. But what about things we can avoid that might be undermining our tooth care? Sometimes we don’t realize […]
March 28, 2017
It's the perfect time to spring clean your oral health routine with Curry and Taylor DDS, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506.

Spring Clean your Oral Health Routine

Spring has officially sprung and with it comes the promise of sunny days, warm temps, and flowers galore. Spring is a time of renewal when the Earth wakes up from its winter slumber. The grass is greener and the trees fuller. Most of us can’t help but feel great this time of year. Traditionally, people love to spring clean their homes. Clearing out the dust from having the house shut up all winter and the heat blasting just feels good. Some like to spring clean in other areas of their […]
December 14, 2016
Using your current dental benefits before the year is over and choosing wisely for next year with Curry and Taylor DDS, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506.

Dental Benefits – Use them before it’s too late

This time of year is magical for so many reasons. The holiday season is here; snowy weather threatens to turn the landscape into a winter wonderland and the New Year with all its potential is around the bend. There is more opportunity to get together with friends, family and loved ones, and most of us just feel a little bit more cheerful. It can be easy to forget about the practical things in life this time of year, but they are still important. For most of us, our medical and […]
September 23, 2016
Oral care routines are easy to maintain with Curry and Taylor DDS, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506.

How to Put an Oral Care Routine in Place

With schools back in session, families are quickly falling into a routine. Bedtimes are getting earlier and weeks feel shorter. Many households plan annual physical and eye exams that are required by schools. Taking care of your oral health should be part of this routine. Sadly, more than 50% of children ages 5 to 9 have at least one cavity or filling and tooth decay is the number one chronic illness in America for children. There are many things you can do to help your entire family avoid this fate. […]
July 25, 2016
Proper nutrition is so important to Oral Health. Curry and Taylor DDS, 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506 (816) 233-0142

The Truth about Nutrition and Oral Health

You hear it all the time, “you are what you eat.” Does that bring to mind a giant broccoli stalk lumbering around or maybe a bloated round donut waddling through his day? Your diet varies day by day but making an effort towards proper nutrition benefits not only your overall health but also your oral health. When we choose a food or beverage to consume your teeth, gums and tongue are the initial point of contact and can be impacted in many ways. What’s going on inside your mouth? Doctors […]
June 30, 2016
Flossing could be the missing link to your oral health routine. Here's how to do it right. Call Curry and Taylor DDS, located at 3815 Beck Road, St.Joseph, MO, 64506 @ 816-233-0142 for an appointment today.

6 Tips for Flossing the Right Way

Is flossing the missing link in your oral hygiene routine? Dental professionals across the board highly recommend their patients floss at least once a day, preferably before bedtime. Brushing alone leaves 35% of the surfaces of your teeth uncleaned. Flossing will keep those hard to reach areas clean. Plaque, bacteria, and food particles can get stuck in areas your toothbrush cannot reach. Add flossing to your daily dental cleaning routine and you tackle an important factor to improving your overall oral health. Are you flossing the right way? It may seem […]